Team Lego

Team Lego is an initiative of The idea is very simple: we will create a new software engineering team that will be led by one of our senior developers but will be stuffed with developers without any prior working experience. Click here to learn more.

Update: The initiative is over for this year. We are very happy with the results and the people that will be onboarding our team! We were happily surprised to find more people than initially expected who engaged with us and wanted to be a part of Team Lego, so we increased our investment to hire 20 people instead of the original 5 we planned to. Click here to learn more about our experience with the initiative.

Stay tuned for the next round that will take place in 2022!

Engineering @

What we do

Helping our customers find what they are looking for easily, quickly and unambiguously is the sole most important factor that influences what we do in Engineering at Xrysi Eukairia. Areas of focus of our engineers are developing high traffic and always-on web applications specialized in classifieds, optimizing code to run faster and adding features that make the journey of our customers easier. Almost all of our systems are running in the AWS cloud and we make extensive use of AWS services.

We do not believe that working overtime is more productive. We keep a sustainable, normal working hours schedule. We also don't want our team to be constrained by h/w, so our workstations are typically top notch (laptops with powerful i7s, 32 GB RAM, M.2 disks and dual 24'' monitors when working in the company headquarters).

By far the largest part of our back end stack is Java but lately we added C# to our arsenal. We recently used Rails to redesign our Jobs vertical and our front-facing applications will gradually be redesigned and migrated to use a Rails/React stack. For streaming and processing data we lean on Python and make heavy use of AWS. In our application servers one finds Tomcat and Apache but we also use RabbitMQ, MySql, Redis, Memcached and MongoDB. During our daily life we make heavy use of JetBrains and Atlassian tools. When we push releases to staging or production, we use Jenkins for our CI/CD pipeline. But we may occasionally also push serverless applications directly from IntelliJ and Visual Studio.

We've been coding for the last 15 years so bumping on the occasional piece of legacy code is unavoidable - however, we've been working diligently towards making our systems work in a loosely coupled manner and breaking up pieces of functionality to micro services that are easier to understand and maintain. Most of our services are for internal use but some are public and accessible from our customers as you can see in our developers page.

Since the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 we've boosted our remote working capabilities. Regardless of the fact that remote work is here to stay, we have started getting back to the office for 2-3 days per week.

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Competitive remuneration package
  • Group Medical insurance
  • Pleasant, modern and professional working environment
  • Further professional development

About us

Who we are

Xrysi Eukairia is the leading classified ads company in Greece, specializing in the Real Estate, Jobs, Auto-Moto and Business sectors. More than 2 million people in Greece browse Xrysi Eukairia every month.